Why workplaces need EV charge points

More than just providing a convenient place to charge, installing charge points at workplaces is necessary for many reasons. We explore why businesses are increasingly integrating EV charge points into their infrastructure, and why it’s such a critical move.

01 May 2024

At a glance

Workplace EV charge points not only ease employee range anxiety and attract eco-conscious talent, but they also ensure compliance with regulations and enhance a company's sustainability image.

Provide employee satisfaction

Charge points at work are convenient, and ease range anxiety and stress drivers might experience when they can’t easily access charge points.

Support the transition to EVs

Charge points at work can serve as a motivator for employees who are considering moving to EV.

Attract talent

Providing charge facilities at work can be a strong incentive for talent who are not only looking for ease of charging, but those who support sustainability practices.

Enable smart charging

Smart charging solutions can help manage the building's overall energy usage effectively, avoiding high peak energy costs and optimizing energy consumption.

Achieve compliance

In many countries, there are governmental regulations for businesses to include EV charge facilities. By addressing these mandates, you ensure compliance plus also stand to benefit from country-specific tax or other incentives.

Enhance company image

Having EV chargers at your workplace demonstrates your commitment and proactivity towards net-zero targets.

Enable uninterrupted productivity

Employees don’t need to look for other EV chargers in the area, or leave work earlier to charge up. This is especially beneficial to employees who are on the road a lot, like sales teams.

Increase efficiency and save costs

If you have a fleet of company EVs, you can reduce costs by enabling charging at work rather than at more expensive public charge points. You can also oversee when and how the EVs are charged, ensuring they are always available when needed. You can also optimise electricity usage by scheduling charging during off-peak hours, which saves money and puts less pressure on the grid.

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