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Our EV drivers and installers receive immediate, best-in-class assistance whenever and wherever they need it.

Customer support via chat or phone

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For EV drivers

For smooth and stress-free charging, we offer 24/7 chat or telephone support for each charge point managed by E-Flux.

For charge point operators

Happy customers who get charging support when they need it can drive repeat visits, and therefore increase revenue.

Field service management for installers

Our field service management tool allows installers to efficiently manage their charge stations from one dashboard. It proactively resolves technical issues, saving time, hassle and costs. Get a configuration wizard for quicker and easier setup, proactive support through system alerts, display of malfunctions in an overview, and analytics of your charge points.

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We are a platform built for charge point owners who want a complete solution to manage their charge points. Learn more about how it works.

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