Automatic billing and reimbursement

We enable smooth billing and efficient reimbursements of charge costs between charge point owners and EV drivers. Invoices are automatically generated on the first day of each month, and settled within 30 days.

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Public charging

We take on all the payment complexity and risk, and automatically reimburse charge point operators for all charge sessions at their locations on one single invoice. When drivers use our charge cards, they can pay by credit card or via a QR code at E-Flux stations.

Employee home charging

Employers can set a reimbursement rate for employees who charge at home, while we will manage all the admin, from invoicing to reimbursement. We automatically generate an invoice for employers on the first day of each month, and reimburse the employee within 30 days.

Employee charge card

Set up a company charge card account with ease. Our charge card gives your employees the flexibility to charge at more than 500,000 charge points in our roaming network.

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We are a platform built for charge point owners who want a complete solution to manage their charge points. Learn more about how it works.

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