Charge point management made easy, with E-Flux

Easily add and manage your charge points in a single dashboard, to reduce your admin, maximise your revenue and offer an effortless charging experience for your drivers.

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Charge point models integrated

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Find the right solution for you and your business

Choosing a charge point management solution can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be. Our guide outlines what to consider when building and scaling your charging sites and what to look for and avoid when reviewing charge point management solutions.

Control who can charge, and at what rate

With E-Flux you can create access groups, so that employees or visitors can charge at different rates.

Empower third parties with sub-accounts

Create sub accounts so third parties can easily access data and invoices for their location(s) through their own account.

Effortlessly manage invoices at an individual level

Save time with automated invoicing, billing and settlement processes. All charging sessions are invoiced and reimbursed directly into your preferred bank account. This includes employees who receive compensation for home charging and homeowners associations that manage multiple charge points for multiple properties.

Maximise your revenue with advanced tariff setting

Set static or dynamic tariffs across a number of charge points or locations. You can even set tariffs during specific time slots or apply an idle fee to drivers that stay connected after reaching full charge to generate additional revenue.

Support transactions in multiple countries and currencies

With E-Flux, drivers can pay for charging sessions based on the currency and VAT rate of their charging location and charge point operators can add, manage or reimburse charging costs in multiple currencies.

Make your charge points public to drive footfall

Any publicly available charge points will be found on Google Maps, Apple Maps and charging apps, enabling you to increase your visibility, attract new customers and grow your revenue.

Optimise your charge point portfolio with real-time data

Account administrators get an overview of every charge point across every site with our analytics dashboard. With data like frequency of use, average charge time and revenue generated you can measure and adapt the performance and profitability of your portfolio.

Setting up E-Flux by Road is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Once you’ve contacted our sales team, you’ll be given the ability to create an account. With your account set-up you’re able to add other members, like your employees.

Once your installer has installed your charge points and configured them to our E-Flux you’ll be able to search for them and add them to your account.

Once your charge point stations are added to and available on your E-Flux account, you can define who is able to charge there and at what rate.

Explore our other capabilities

E-Flux is a software built for charge point owners that want a complete solution to manage their charge points, learn more about how it works.

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