How can I automatically reimburse employee charging costs?

06 March 2024

At a glance

Employers sign up for a business account and set rates for home charging. E-Flux by Road handles invoicing and reimbursement automatically. For public charging, the platform manages payments seamlessly, saving time for employers and ensuring convenience and accuracy for employees.

Forget manual claim expenses and reimbursements… with the E-Flux by Road charge card, employers can automate the reimbursement of their employees’ home and travel EV charge expenses.

This saves time and bolsters efficiency for companies who cover all their employees’ EV charge costs, whether at home, work or when traveling. Instead of employees having to submit claims for reimbursement, and the companies having to manually make those payments, our platform does this automatically when you use our charge card.

How it works

Home charging

The company signs up for a business account, and adds a user-account for each employee. For charging sessions conducted at home, employers can set a rate per kWh. The total amount of the charge session is calculated based on the charging rate and the amount of charged kWh.

Whenever an employee starts a charging session at home, the session details are stored in the account. E-Flux by Road receives all the charge data, and reimburses the employee based on the agreed-upon reimbursement rate and number of kWh charged.

E-Flux will automatically generate an invoice for the employer on the first day of each month. The reimbursement for these sessions is then processed within 30 days, typically during the final week of the same month. You can access the invoice in the E-Flux portal.

Public charging

Our platform automatically handles the payments of your employees’ charging costs when they’re charging in public. The company’s charging card is connected to an employer’s account. Whenever the employee starts a charging session, the session details are stored in the account. Then E-Flux automatically takes care of the payment and billing.

Benefits for employers

  • No time wasted: There is no need for manual processing and paying, and any other administrative tasks
  • Easy management: Get a clear oversight of all their employees’ charge data
  • Convenient tariff setting: Set reimbursement rates for employees charging at home

Benefits for employees

  • Convenience: Automated invoicing and reimbursements eliminate the need for manually submitting and tracking invoices
  • More accuracy: Avoid the mistakes that can come with manual payment claims and reimbursement

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