How to manage your EV charge business successfully

04 March 2024

At a glance

Choose a charge management platform carefully ensuring compatibility, uptime, security, payment processing, grid management, and roaming solutions. Look for accurate billing, VAT handling, transaction settlement, and robust customer support. E-Flux by Road offers comprehensive solutions for successful charge station operation.

As many charge point owners and operators can attest, installing EV charge points is often the easier part of the setup process.

The challenge lies in charge management, whether it’s monitoring multiple charge stations in different locations, handling transactions or helping EV drivers when they need it. This is why EV charge management software is essential as it optimises the charging experience for drivers, and increases efficiency for you.

Before choosing a charge management platform, follow these steps to ensure an efficient and cost-effective charge business.

1. Ensure that the platform meets your needs

Make sure that the charge management software you choose ticks all your boxes so that you are set up for success. Here’s what to consider when choosing:

How many charge point models does the platform support, and is it compatible with different EV charging models?

New chargers differ from older charger technology, and when combined with hundreds of different models and manufacturers, management and integration are a nightmare.

What are the uptime and downtime of your EV charging station?

Any downtime of charging stations can disrupt operations, whether it’s due to technical issues, maintenance, or power outages. Ensuring that charging stations are consistently available when needed is crucial as limited station availability can be frustrating.

Is the software tested and secure?

Like all software, it is important to your business and customer security to safeguard information and the connection particularly when processing transactions.

Can it easily process payments?

It is frustrating dealing with different payment providers so that the software should support and be integrated with leading payment providers like Payter, Valina and CCV.

Can it help with grid management?

The right software can help distribute the demand for electricity more evenly, preventing grid overloads during peak times and minimising stress on the electrical grid.

Does the platform offer a roaming solution?

Drivers want to be able to charge anywhere using any of the apps or charge cards. Roaming agreements need to be in place to make this simple and seamless no matter what payment type is used.

2. Ensure there's safe billing and settling

Safe and reliable financial features are important because you want to manage transactions without worrying about security or spending time on manual invoicing and processing. These are key features to look for in a platform:

  • Billing accuracy to make it easy and seamless for drivers and charge point operators like you.

  • Accurate VAT regardless of which country the charging takes place.

  • The ability to settle all types of transactions, roaming, direct payment or ad hoc payment via QR code

  • Automated settlement without having to chase payment or invoices.

3. Ensure there’s driver support

Never underestimate how crucial the customer service element of charging can be to business and smooth operation because you don’t want to get a phone call in the middle of the night in case a driver needs support at your site.

What to look for? 24/7 availability of support desk, and support for the installer or field service technician.

How can we help you?

Our charging solutions and services fits all the requirements needed to successfully run a charge station. We remove the challenges of managing your charge point and handling complex transactions, and enable sustainable EV charging, maximise your revenue and free up your time.

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