How to use a charge card for electric cars

Planning on getting an EV and not sure how to pay for charging smartly? Or are you looking for a more economical and convenient way to charge at public locations? If so, you’ll want a charge card that easily allows you to access EV charging stations with a tap or swipe.

03 April 2024

At a glance

If you're considering an EV and looking for an efficient way to handle charging costs, especially at public stations, an EV charge card might be the solution. These cards, which also come as tags, enable easy access to charging stations with a simple tap or swipe

A charge card looks like a debit card, but also comes in the form of a tag, and you can get them from various providers, such as E-Flux by Road. Your EV charge card is linked to your account, where information such as billing details, charging history and other relevant data is stored.

How charge cards work

Most EV charge cards have a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, which communicates with the charging station when you place your card near the designated reader.

When you want to charge at a charging station that accepts RFID charge cards, you can simply use your charge card to initiate the process.

Charge points typically have an RFID reader, which can identify you and access your account information when you tap your card. Once you’re authenticated, you can start charging.

When you’ve finished your charging session, the charge station calculates your usage. At the end of the month, all your charge sessions are calculated, and sent to the account holder (you or your company, for example) for payment.

Benefits of an EV charge card

Seamless charging

Drivers can access multiple charging stations from different brands and operators with a single card through roaming. This is convenient as you don’t need several accounts or cards to be able to charge.

Broad roaming access

Many charge card providers have roaming agreements with other networks, allowing you to charge in another country. Via roaming, you can access a network of operators, giving you access to charging stations in many EU countries. This makes long-distance travel practical and accessible for business and holiday.

Good to know: When you use our charge card at any charge station connected to the E-Flux by Road charge management software, you won’t pay any roaming transaction fees. This means you can save up to 3 eurocent per kWh in roaming fees.

Easy account management

Keep track of all your charging information from one platform, and easily access your charge history, billing information and more.

Simplified billing

The account holder is sent one invoice per user a month, and doesn’t need to pay multiple times throughout the month.

Secure charging

The RFID technology used in charge cards ensures secure authentication, minimising the risk of unauthorised usage.

Convenience for employers and fleet managers

Businesses who employ EV drivers or manage fleets can enjoy simplified usage management and account settling through the use of charge cards.

Good to know

The E-Flux charge card has among the lowest monthly charges in EU, and has an app with info on charging locations, and a feature to track your usage. The card is suitable for single EV drivers and large businesses, and if you’re in the Netherlands and order before 3.30pm on a weekday, your card will be delivered the following day.

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