Can I have a charging card without a subscription?

The EV ecosystem is a dynamic one, and offers a lot of charging options, flexibility and accessibility for drivers and operators. When it comes to EV charging, there is also a lot of choice when it comes to payment, whether it’s choosing a charge card provider or a type of payment model.

28 February 2024

At a glance

E-Flux by Road offers a no-subscription charge card with benefits including flexibility, no monthly fees, and easy entry for new EV drivers. Pay only €0.32 per session, without fixed costs, for access to 500,000+ charge points.

One of the most common questions new EV drivers have is whether they can have a charging card without a monthly subscription. The good news is that many providers, like E-Flux by Road, offer a “pay as you charge” model, whereby you’re not locked into a contract of any length. This is usually the preferred model for drivers who don’t need to charge frequently at public stations, or newer drivers who are still getting familiar with charging and payments.

The benefits of a no-subscription charge card

No commitment

With a “pay as you charge” model, drivers don’t need to be tied down to subscription costs for a set period of time, or feel under pressure to maximise their subscription. This allows flexibility for drivers, especially those who don’t need to charge often.

Easier entry for new EV drivers

New drivers might not be sure about their charging needs yet, or want to commit to monthly fees in the early stages. This makes EV adoption and integration easier.

No monthly fees

Those who don’t charge frequently don’t need to pay fees if they’re not using their charge cards frequently.

The E-Flux by Road pay per charge offering

With our pricing transparency and cost-effective charge sessions, the E-Flux by Road pay-as-you-charge card without subscription is a leader in the market.

When you choose our ‘Pay-as-you-charge‘ subscription, your first invoice will contain a one-time payment of €5, but other than this you’ll only pay €0,32 per charging session. This means that you don’t have any fixed monthly costs, but you’ll pay €0,32 fee for each charging session on top of the operators’ regular charging rates.


  • Pay as you charge
  • Charge card without subscription. Only pay when you charge.
  • €0,32 per session incl. VAT
  • Pay per session + standard rate
  • Monthly invoice with charge sessions
  • No monthly costs
  • Access to more than 500.000 charge points
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