Green Horizon and Road’s strategic partnership in France

Since partnering with E-Flux by Road’s EV charge management platform in 2024, Green Horizon, an innovative installer company in France, has experienced a remarkable surge in client interest and satisfaction. This strategic partnership is a result of the commitment of both companies to fairness and transparency, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

22 March 2024

At a glance

Green Horizon sought remote management solutions for charge stations amidst evolving customer needs. Road's no-commission model and tailored solutions boosted profitability and operational efficiency. Green Horizon plans to expand its partnership with Road for sustained success and market growth in France.

The challenge

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable energy, Green Horizon faced a significant challenge: meeting the growing demand from its clients for remote management of their charge stations. As the urgency to adapt to evolving customer needs intensified, finding a reliable solution became crucial. Amidst the challenge, Green Horizon strategically sought a partner capable of offering a complete solution to address its pressing needs. This partner needed to not only provide efficient management tools but also uphold fairness in pricing, ensuring transparency and maximising savings for both Green Horizon and its clients.

Road’s solution: enhancing efficiency

Clément Hercouët, CEO at Green Horizon, highlights the distinctive advantage of Road’s unique approach: “Road is one of the few players in the market that doesn’t take commissions on charges, and this is a significant selling point for our clients,” he says. “Road’s no-commission model stood out against competitors, ensuring that all profits directly benefited Green Horizon. This not only enhanced its profitability but also sharpened its competitive edge in the market.

Beyond financial benefits, Road’s tailored solutions offer additional benefits, including remote operations, easy configuration, and 24/7 EV driver support. These capabilities empowered Green Horizon to streamline its operations, redirecting its focus towards installations and improving customer satisfaction.

What’s next? Expanding the partnership

Looking ahead, Green Horizon plans to integrate Road’s solutions into all future charging stations, confident in the continued success and value of this partnership. The goal is to grow together in the French market, overcome challenges, and work hand-in-hand to drive sustainability forward.

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