Road provides EV charge management solutions to Kia

Road has collaborated with Kia Netherlands to provide charge management solutions through their new Kia Charge service.

22 December 2023

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Road has partnered with Kia Netherlands to launch Kia Charge so that they can manage their own network of charge stations. This collaboration is anchored in Road's robust software and service capabilities, supporting Kia's transition towards sustainable mobility.

Road announces its collaboration with the South Korean automotive manufacturer Kia Netherlands, to provide charge management solutions through their new Kia Charge service. Kia chose Road as a cooperation partner due to the expert’s extensive software and service capabilities. Road will oversee the management of charging stations, playing a crucial role in Kia’s bi-directional and smart charging service in 2024. This cooperation will start in the Netherlands. It allows Kia Netherlands to become Charge Point Operator and manage its own network of chargers.

Initiated as part of Kia ‘s ‘Plan S’-strategy, Kia Charge is a significant step towards realising the brand’s commitment to electric mobility. Kia will leverage Road’s software and service capabilities to support its advanced energy management propositions like vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities. Kia will also use the newly launched Road Private Label offering to incorporate personalised branding and integration options. Road’s brand-agnostic platform also allows Kia customers easy migration and management.

Léan Verstoep, President & CEO of Kia Netherlands, highlights their ambition to become a leader in sustainable mobility solutions. “By integrating our electric cars into the user’s ecosystem, we will not only make electric driving more accessible but also actively contribute to a truly sustainable future in the long term by using cleaner energy sources, and without grid congestion.

We are working with leading partners like Road to help us deliver on our goal. We chose Road for their reliable and robust software and services,” affirms Verstoep.

Jesse Stuiver, Road’s Benelux Country Manager, emphasises the company’s shared commitment to shaping the future of sustainable transport. “This transition touches everyone and financial transactions are at the core of it. We will grow our offering with Kia delivering home bi-directional charging next year,”

Road positions itself as a key enabler in building the critical infrastructure for EV charging transactions in Europe. The company’s software platform streamlines EV charging management, ensuring a 99.99% uptime in charging transaction settlement. Road has already connected over 50,000 charge points and established a roaming charging network of more than 500,000 charge points across Europe and the EU.

Road holds a prominent market position in Belgium and the Netherlands, boasting a 20% market share. With a remarkable year-on-year growth rate exceeding 300%, Road has outperformed the market, attracting notable customers. With recent investment by VARO Energy, Road has recently successfully entered some of Europe’s largest economies and the UK.

A unique factor in Road’s success is the platform’s 24/7 support service, and over 356 brand-independent charging station integration. This ensures a smooth charging experience, reduces downtime, and reinforces users’ commitment to sustainability, benefiting employees and businesses. The e-mobility expert offers an all-in-one and white label solutions based on individual business requirements. For more information about Road and its services, visit the website at

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