7 benefits of EV charge points for homeowners associations

There will be an estimated 85 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road worldwide by 2025. EV drivers want the flexibility to charge at home, which is why it's critical for homeowners associations to consider installing charge points at their properties.

18 April 2024

At a glance

Installing EV charge points at apartments can attract and retain tenants by enhancing convenience and supporting their transition to EVs, while also increasing property value. E-Flux by Road helps homeowners associations meet current demands and also future-proof properties against evolving transportation trends and potential regulations.

While charge stations are being built in public spaces and workplaces, residents want the freedom and flexibility to charge at home too.

If you’re a residential property manager, it’s worthwhile to support this demand, and ensure your location is future-proof.

Here’s why you should consider EV charge points at your locations:

1. Attract and retain residents

EV drivers will be attracted to the property as being able to charge at home gives them convenience and comfort. Current and prospective EV drivers will likely seek out and only buy or rent apartments that support their charging needs.

2. Increase property value

Properties with amenities such as EV charge points make them more attractive to buyers and renters, and increase the overall value.

3. Support EV adoption

More residents will be moving to EV, and charge points at home can support their shift and make it easier and more practical.

4. Create convenience for residents

The ability to charge at home brings convenience and comfort to residents as they don’t need to rely solely on work or public chargers. It reduces “range anxiety” and enhances their quality of life.

Residents can also save on charge costs by charging at home during “off-peak” times, something that is not always possible at public or work points.

5. Enjoy a new revenue stream

There are various ways to turn your charge points into revenue streams, whether it’s making them publicly accessible and setting higher tariffs for the public, or adding premiums during peak charge times.

6. Future-proof your building

Having charging infrastructure while the world rapidly shifts to EV means that you are ready for a new wave of drivers and possible regulations.

7. Benefit from incentives

Many countries offer incentives when you install EV charge points at a property you own or rent.

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