Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Great news! The Wallbox Pulsar Plus can now be linked to the E-Flux eMobility platform. With its excellent affordability, compact design, and easy usage, it's the ideal charging station for home use. Have you purchased a Pulsar Plus and want to connect it to E-Flux? Follow the steps below.

Typically, the E-Flux platform is activated once the charging station has been installed. Have you come to this page and are interested in a Wallbox Pulsar Plus? Order one through one of our installation partners.

After the charging station is installed, you can easily register your charging station in the E-Flux platform. This must be done before we can set up step 3, Plug & Charge.

After you’ve registered the charging station with E-Flux, you can apply for Plug & Charge in the form below.

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