Standing SEPA-authorization

By agreeing to a direct debit, you agree to pay for 4 weeks, and authorize E-Flux to send continuous direct debit orders to your bank, to debit an amount from your account due to charge transactions and/or subscription fees, and to your bank to debit an amount from your account on a continuous basis, in accordance with E-Flux’s instructions.

NOTICE. If you disagree with this debit, you can have it reversed. Please contact your bank within eight weeks after the direct debit. Ask your bank for the terms and conditions.

  • Name: E-Flux B.V.
  • Address: Joan Muyskenweg 37
  • Location: Duivendrecht
  • Postal code: 1115RC

  • Collector ID: NL97ZZZ700113460000
  • Authorization reference: debtor number

Please note: fill in your details correctly. In case of a failed direct debit, we are forced to charge you for the costs incurred for the failed direct debit.

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