Power Home enhances EV charging with Road’s Private Label solution

In 2024, Power Home, French specialists in installing electric vehicle charging stations for both individual and collective housing, formed a strategic partnership with Road. This collaboration is set to boost operational efficiency and market reach for Power Home, setting a new benchmark for innovation and scalability in the EV charging industry.

26 June 2024

At a Glance

Power Home required a reliable solution for managing various brands of charging stations to ensure the maximum operational time. Road’s Private Label platform offered a fully customisable, competitively priced solution that enhanced Power Home’s profitability and efficiency. This partnership is positioned to drive sustained success and growth in France.

The challenge

In the rapidly evolving sustainable energy landscape, Power Home needed a unified supervision solution for different brands of charging stations, maintaining a high availability rate. Finding a reliable partner became essential to offer comprehensive solutions, competitive pricing, and support their B2B growth strategy.

The project

The partnership began in March 2024, with full operational deployment taking place by June 2024. Road's approach included close cooperation with Power Home's team and direct client interactions for seamless onboarding, primarily covering the PACA region with CPO services under the Power Home brand through Road’s Private Label solution.

Implementation and specific needs

Power Home had specific needs for high availability and unified supervision of charging stations. Road provided close support and direct client interactions for a smooth implementation process.

Road’s solution: enhancing efficiency

Power Home chose Road for their expertise as a Charge Point Operator (CPO) and their competitive pricing. Road’s Private Label solution provides a customisable platform for EV charging transactions, enabling Power Home to create a branded charge point platform without building their own infrastructure.

"Road’s no-commission model and tailored solutions allow us to serve a broader range of clients and implement a growth strategy targeting B2B customers," said Benjamin Storck, President of Power Home.

Key features of Road Private Label

  • Fast and easy set-up: Quick deployment with a sandbox environment and fully automated back-end.

  • Customisable pricing plans: Define and control CPO and MSP pricing plans based on business needs.

  • Own branding: All tools, including 24/7 driver support, roaming and field technician dashboard, under Power Home’s brand.

  • Reliability and scalability: 99.9% uptime, 400+ charge point model integrations, and 100% API operability, ensuring security and scalability.

Expected results

Though the project is in its early stages, the partnership is already anticipated to yield significant benefits this year: streamlining operations, allowing Power Home to focus on installations, and expanding market reach by offering comprehensive IRVE project services and attracting a growing client base.

Looking ahead, Power Home plans to integrate Road’s solutions into all their charging stations, extending the CPO offering under the Power Home brand to all professional clients and landlords. This partnership is expected to not only future-proof the company and advance sustainability but also ensure seamless charging for all of their EV users.

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