An installer’s guide to EV charge management

If you need to install, configure, and manage charge stations efficiently, you can’t afford unreliable equipment or wasting time. You likely also don’t want the responsibility of giving your customers technical support down the line if they need it. So how do you simplify your installations, ensure reliability and offer round-the-clock customer support?

02 April 2024

At a glance

Choose a platform offering operational optimisation and customer support. Our field service management platform offers remote operations, easy configuration, deep insights, and 24/7 support. Features include effortless transactions, automated payouts, fault reporting, flexible pricing, and real-time usage data. No transaction fees apply.

The first step is to choose the right platform that not only optimises your operations, but also gives your customers technical support. Our field service management platform is an all-in-one solution for installers, and has the following features:

Remote operations

As an installer you have all the tools to manage 400+ types of charge stations. Any malfunctions or technical issues are detected and displayed in an overview, while critical-issue notifications are emailed to you.

Easy configuration

Thanks to our configuration wizard, every setting is done correctly within 1.5 minutes, by only pressing two buttons. The charging station resets automatically, to make sure all the settings are saved correctly.

Deep insights with analytics

Get insight into locations, types of charging stations, and number of error messages within the analytics tool.

Multiple stations in one glance

Streamline management with a central dashboard of all your stations

24/7 support

Always-on support for your customers, and technical support for you during working hours

Optimisation for your customers with:

  • Effortless transactions

  • Automated payouts

  • Automated fault reporting

  • Flexible pricing options

  • Real-time usage data for every charge point

  • Seamless management via a centralised dashboard

  • No transaction fees

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