Road partners with Gireve to expand roaming network across Europe

Road’s goal is to make EV charging accessible and convenient for everyone. To take this further, the company has partnered with the leading roaming platform Gireve, expanding its roaming network across Europe.

26 September 2023

At a glance

Road has partnered with Gireve to expand its EV charging network across Europe, enhancing accessibility by connecting charge point operators with users via a comprehensive e-mobility platform.

Road offers a unique platform for e-mobility players to manage their charging stations, users, and services easily. This was a natural partnership as Gireve is a digital platform gathering eMSP and CPO on its marketplace to offer business, roaming and clearing services globally. Gireve manages 9,000 contracts between 800 operators in Europe and handles millions of transactions in its IT systems every year.

Connecting Gireve to the Road platform enables charge point operators (CPOs) to make their charging stations accessible to users in France and across Europe.

“Our partnership with Road is a further step to a more convenient and seamless charging experience," says Mireia Delgado, Senior Business Development Manager, Gireve. "We thank Road’s teams for their efficiency and for their trust."

What is EV roaming?

EV roaming makes it possible for EV drivers to use their charge-cards on charging stations from different providers. This allows drivers the flexibility to charge their EV seamlessly at any charging station within the roaming network, without needing to sign up, or pay separately for each network.

Thanks to agreements between different charging network providers, it’s possible to connect and open networks to enable cross-network charging. This helps improve the convenience and accessibility of EV charging, especially for long-distance trips.

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