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Energy Management

Smart charging, and saving money

Energy Management is an essential part of charging electric vehicles. By handling the capacity efficiently, and maximizing the existing infrastructure, you can save a lot of money. E-Flux offers several solutions when it comes to energy management, so you continue to have freedom to choose.

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Minimize expenses with smart charging

Charge your car parts times of the day when the electricity prices are lower.

Maximum use of capacity

By using smart charging, you get more from your electricity connection.

Free Choice

E-Flux is integrated with energy management partners who offer several solutions for different situations. From charging at home, to fleets. Anything is possible.

Energy management for houses

E-Flux connects your charging station to a smart meter, or an alternative energy meter. This way, you make the best use of your charging station without overloading the network. A smart charging network can even be installed in apartments.

Energy management for companies

Our partners Coneva and ChargePilot offer the right solution for energy management of fleets. Based on the available capacity, (including capacity generated from sustainable sources), the software controls the charging stations.

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