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Management of charging stations

The freedom to manage your own charging stations

Manage all your charging stations through one single platform. Thanks to E-Flux’s independence when it comes to brands, you can combine several different brands. Add locations, and set tariffs. You get insight into all charging sessions, and they get reimbursed on a monthly basis. In case any problems arise, you can reach our helpdesk 24/7.

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Efficient administration

It’s a thing of the past to export and claim expenses for charging sessions.

Manage access

Manage who can charge, and for which tariffs. Invite employees, and determine the reimbursement tariff.

Extra income

Set tariffs per kWh, per charging session, as well as per hour.

Future proof

Future charging stations can also be added to the network. This way, you can keep on managing every charging station from one single dashboard.

24/7 service

In case any problems arise while charging, you can reach our helpdesk 24/7.

Automatic settlement

All charging sessions are automatically invoiced, and paid to your bank account through E-Flux. Employees who request an imbursement for charging at home, get their own invoice. Claiming expenses manually is a thing of the past.  

E-Flux - Tarief Management

Management of tariffs & locations

Set charging tariffs. Per kWh, per charging session, as well as per hour. This way, you keep in control of the costs, and you can maximize your income. Add your charging stations to online maps.

Access group

Determine who is allowed to charge, and for which tariffs. Within an access group you can set a different (cheaper) tariff. It’s also possible to grant access to people who can charge for free.

User management

Invite employees who charge at home, and determine the reimbursement tariffs. Communal groups and Home Owners Associations can invite residents to register their charging station. The payment of charging sessions goes automatically.


Big organizations can add and manage sub-accounts. This way, the main account can see an overview of all the data, while the sub-account can only see their own locations and their own data. This allows for more flexibility and control.

E-Flux - flexibele oplossing

Agile solution

E-Flux can be connected to over 250 different charging station models. This way, you can manage already installed charging stations, as well as new charging stations from one single online platform.

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Do you want to start using the eMobility platform? You’ll need to create an account first.

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Create an account

The person who is going to manage the main account needs to create an account first.

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Connect charging stations

From the main account you can invite others, and use the serial numbers of the charging stations to register them.

Platform settings

Set tariffs, connect bank accounts for automatic settlement, and request charge-cards.