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Management software for your fast chargers

Are you active in the petrol sector and considering the placement of fast chargers at your gas station? Start managing your fast chargers with the E-Flux eMobility platform. You will be able to set your own prices and will get easy to understand reports and data on the charging behavior of your customers. E-Flux will handle customer payments and will provide 24/7 helpdesk support.

More than one million charge cards are able to charge.

You determine the charging rate, we arrange the settlement.


24/7 E-Flux support.

Integration with your own ERP software is possible.

Dashboard with realtime data per petrolstation.


Interested in fast chargers? This is what you must do

E-Flux comes into the picture after the fast chargers are placed. We will however help you with the whole process. This is what it looks like:

1. Installation partner

The process starts with choosing the right partner that is going to install the fast chargers. We don’t install chargers, but we do work intensively together with installation partners such as Mokobouw and TSG that do. Choose the partner that best fits your needs.


2. Offer

Together with one of the partners you will look through the possibilities. They will give advice on what is needed, the technical issues and more. Ask them for a personal offer.


3. Installation

Based on all the information and the offer, you choose the location and the type of fast charger. Subsequently a planning for the installment of the fast chargers is made. The installation will start!

Koppelen snelladers

4. Connecting

The fast chargers are installed! Now you can connect them to the E-Flux’ eMobility platform. This starts with creating an account. When this is done, you will be able to receive your new EV driving customers!

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The revenue model

A Renault Megane E-Tech with 60 KWH usable battery

  • Arrives at your gas station with 25% battery left =15 kW
  • This person charges it to 65% = 39 kW
  • In total (39 kw – 15 kw) = 24 kWhas been charged
  • A common price for fast charging is 0,60 cents per kWh
  • Selling price 24 x € 0,60 = € 14,40
  • The cost price* of the electricity is 24 kw x € 0,18* =€ 4,32

This leads to a gross margin € 14,40 – € 4,32 =  € 10,08

* We used common prices, in reality they can differ.

More visitors at your shop

Even though fast charging is already pretty fast, people still have to wait approximately 15 minutes before they go on. The actual act of charging is also passive, you only need to wait. This is for many people an ideal moment to visit the shop.

The costs

The costs that E-Flux charges per socket are €9,50 excl. VAT per month. The one-time connection fee for connecting the charger to our platform is €20,62 excl. VAT.

They already manage their chargers with E-Flux

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