Automatic settlement of charging costs. Ideal for HOA’s

Feel Free!

How do you subscribe?

  1. The HOA admin is the first person that has to subscribe by filling in the form below.
  2. The HOA admin receives an agreement from E-Flux, signs it, and sends it back to E-Flux.
  3. After the installment of the charge points, E-Flux has to approve them before registration.
  4. The HOA registers the charge points. 
  5. The HOA sends every resident with a charge point an email with a form (weblink) for the payment of the subscription costs.
  6.  After registration of the charge points and the approval of the account, the HOA admin receives the account details.
  7. Residents order a charge card by going to the e-Flux website.
  8. Ready to charge!

The costs for HOA's

  • The management of an AC-Charge point costs €4,84 incl. VAT per month per socket.
  • There will be a one-off charge connection fee of €14.95 incl. VAT per charge point.

Register your charge point

  • After the installment of the charge point the resident needs to register it via the button below.
  • Does the HOA carry the costs of the subscription? In that case, charge points can be added to the existing account and the subscription can be chosen.
Register HOA charge point

Form for HOA admin