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*Before you register your charge point as a HOA-resident, your HOA-admin needs to sign up first.

Congratulations on your new charge point! Your HOA has chosen the charge point management system of E-Flux. Before we can add your charge point to the platform, you first need to fill in the form below. Your charge point will be then be added to the platform after which sessions will be automatically reimbursed. During the registration,  residents can provide their payment details so that the subscription costs can be invoiced. When this is done, the HOA as a whole does not need to carry these costs.

  • Managing an AC charge point costs €4,84 incl. VAT per month per socket;
  • There will be a one-off charge connection fee of €14.95 incl. VAT per charge point;
  • The subscription period is 24 months;
  • For settlement of costs, a public charge card needs to be used. You can order one here. If another charge card is used than the E-Flux charge card, an extra allowance of €0,02 per kWh excl. VAT is charged.
  • Are you already using Multitankcard? In that case it’s possible to make use of our service through your MultiTankcard. Ask MultiTankcard for the possibilities.

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