Charge tariffs

What do I pay for charging my EV?

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Below you can check the tariffs that you pay for charging your EV with other operators than E-Flux. All mentioned rates are incl. VAT

Allego Public Charging Points:

– Standard charge for public charging up to 22 kW: €0.37/kWh
– Standard charge for semi-public charging up to 22 kW (hotels, restaurants etc.): €0,39/kWh

Allego Belgium

– AC charging: max €0.39/kWh
– DC charging: max €0.69/kWh

NLALL – Allego Fast Chargers

– Standard rate: €0.69/kWh

Public charging – In some municipalities and provinces, a different (lower) rate applies to some charging stations due to specific concession agreements. Please check the Allego website for the exact rates per charge point.

BEBCO- BlueCorner

– €0.35/kWh for AC charger

– €0,60/kWh for DC-charger (fast charger)

The connection fee is charged once the battery is charged and the car is still connected. (from 8am to 8pm) – €0.01 per min AC and €0.25 per min DC

E-Flux laadpas werkt op laadpalen van BlueCurrent

NLBCU – Blue Current

• €0,29/kWh – AC charging

Ecotap / NLLMS- Last Mile Solutions / Charge Point

• Variating kWh tariff per charge station

• Max. €0,47/kWh

• Max. €0,21 per minute

• Max. €0,64 start tarrif


AC €0,38/kWh for AC charging

DC €0,62/kWh for DC charging (Fast charging)


  • Average €0,30/kWh Note: flexible pricing with 8% markup fee to other MSPs.


• €0,35/kWh

• €0,61 starttariff

NLENE – Eneco

• €0,36/kWh

Ionity (DC-charging)

• €0,79/kWh

NLFAS – Fastned (DC charging)

The Netherlands:  €0,69 per kWh Starter / €0,35 per kWh gold member

Germany: €0,69 per kWh

Belgium: €0,69 per kWh

France: €0,59 per kWh

Switzerland: CHF 0.69 per kWh

United Kingdom: £ 0.39 per kWh

As of December 1, 2021, the rate for gold members will be increased to €0.45 per kWh.

Fastned works on a subscription basis for the level of the price.


  • AC-charging: €0,38/kWh
  • DC-charging: €0,57/kWh

NLGFX – Greenflux

• At companies €0,24 – €0,36 / kWh
• Terschelling: €0,35/kWh + €0,61 starttariff
• ANWB charge points (DC): starttariff €2,42 en €0,30/kWh
• MRA Noord-Holland, en Flevoland:
– Off-peak (20:00-16:59 uur) 0,35 euro per kWh
– Peak hours (17:00-19.59 uur) 0,37 euro per kWh

– 0,27 euro per kWh
– Starttariff from €0,605 en €0,545

Belgium: €0,40/kWh en €0,025/minute

– Tariffcode: CH 1 – Usage (per kWh) 0,35 CHF – Timer (per minute) 0,25 CHF after 120 minuten
– Tariffcode CH 2 – Usage (per kWh) 0,45 CHF – Timer (per minute) 0,25 CHF after 60 minuten
– Tariffcode CH 3 – Usage (per kWh) 0,49 CHF – Timer (per minute) 0,25 CHF after 60 minuten
– Tariffcode CH 4 – Usage (per kWh) 0,54 CHF – Timer (per minute) 0,25 CHF after 60 minuten
– Tariffcode: CH 5 – Usage (per kWh) 0,59 CHF – Tiimer (per minute) 0,15 CHF


€0,29/kWh (no start rate)
€0,36/kWh (no start rate)
€0,60 starttariff + €0,35/kWh

Semi fast chargers: €2,42 start rate + €0,30/kWh
Fast chargers:  €0,60 start rate + €0,54/kWh


DESHT – Ladenetz (Germany)

• AC charging: €0,48/kWh
• AC charging: €1,19/uur
• DC charging from 22KW: €0,50 per minute
• DC charging below 23KW: €0,25 per minute

NLTNM – New Motion

• AC: €0,34/kWh

• DC: €0,54/kWh

DEVAT – Vattenfall

– Standard tariff: €0.3388/kWh
– Vattenfall Noord-Brabant and Limburg: €0.2299/kWh
– Vattenfall Utrecht: €0.3267/kWh

DEVAT – Vattenfall

– Vattenfall Haarlemmermeer: €0.3025/kWh
– Vattenfall MRA charging points: €0.3146/kWh
– Vattenfall fast chargers McDonalds: €0.5566/kWh


  • Smooth charging €0,27/kWh  (Connectiontariff per hour €0,25)
  • Power charging €0,30/kWh (Connectiontariff per hour €0,50)

Within the MRAe network, different rates are applied. Based on the unique PP number of the charging station, you will find the current rate below.

PP001000 t/m PP002245

• Off-peak 20:00 – 17:00 €0,35/kWh, incl. VAT
• Peak 17:00 – 20:00 €0,37/kWh, incl. VAT

PP002751 t/m PP002999

• €0,32/kWh, incl. VAT

PP002250 t/m PP002633

• Off-peak 20:00 – 17:00 €0,35/kWh, incl. VAT
• Peak 17:00 – 20:00 €0,37/kWh, incl. VAT

PP004000 t/m PP004400

• €0,32/kWh, incl. VAT

PitPoint Brussels

• €0,3605/kWh (minimum 5kWh per session)

NLSHL – Shell Recharge network

  • AC charging: €0,37/kWh
  • DC charging: €0,66/kWh

A starting charge of €0.35 applies to all charging sessions, with a maximum of €7 per month.

Visser Group Energy

€0.45 to €0.49 for fast charging per kWh

For charging sessions with a low rate, a starting rate per charge of €0.35 excl. VAT applies. The charging price is equal to the regular rate of the charging station provider.

*The prices are per 10-11-2020. Subject to changes. CPO can adjust rates at any moment, then prices are no longer up to date. E-Flux will at all times pass the price of the CPO to you as EV Driver one by one without incurring extra costs. After all, you already pay a fixed price for the use of your charge card