Convert Van der Sijs charging stations

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Van der sijs is a Dutch company that manufacturs high end charging stations. In part because of the high quality the depreciation period is long which makes owning one all the more cost efficient.

Which Van der sijs charging points can be added to our eMobility platform?
Van der sijs has subdivided their charging systems in:
1. Basic Charging Systems
This regards custom assembly charging solutions either with or without payment option. If desired the charge point can be equipped with a fixed charging cable (pig-tail) but it is also possible to connect the entire charging station to an existing energy divider. One energy divider divides the equipped capacity over a maximum of 6 charging points.

2. Modular Charging System Lite
This is a multifunctional chargingsystem, suitable for a maximum of 12 chargepoints. These chargepoints don’t all need to be similar. Different volumes of charging capacities and even DC chargers can be added to the system. Usually the system can be added to a single residential electricity connection, which makes it very cost efficient.

3. Modular Charging System
This is the smartest charging system. It consists of one central system that is able to charge 100 vehicles simultaneously! When the number of vehicles exceeds this amount, a Master-Slave IT-structure can be used to charge all cars at once without issue. This eliminates any constraints in the capacity the system has for electricity flux as well as the number of cars charged at the same time. The current system will be ready for the expected explosion in the number of EV’s!

Advanced Load Balancing System

Charging multiple cars simultaneously while avoiding overcharging of the electricity network because the available power is aligned towards supply and demand. This makes it possible to charge up to 12 times as many cars with the same energy capacity as a traditional charge point. This often eliminates the need for a costly increase in capacity or ensures that the increase can be less drastic. Every vehicle can be charged at their specific maximum speed which prevents any downtime. There’s no way E-Flux will let traditional, limited systems be the cause of decreased mobility!

Why choose the E-Flux eMobility platform?

E-Flux offers an independent solution to ensure flexibility. Combining different charge point brands (both AC and DC) is no longer  an issue because E-Flux takes care of all maintenance. Besides this we offer 24/7 support and are able to solve most problems remotely. All charging sessions are registered and billed automatically.


First-line help desk support is provided by E-Flux 24/7. For hardware issues please contact the vendor.

Compatible with E-Flux

  • AC vd Sijs laadpalen
  • DC vd Sijs laadpalen