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MENNEKES is a manufacturer of smart charging solutions and charging cables suitable for all electric vehicles. It is a family-owned German company with its headquarters in Deventer, the Netherlands. We offer a total solution from consulting, hardware, commissioning to service and maintenance.

MENNEKES offers a wide range of charging stations for business and private use. The product range includes wall-mounted and charging stations of various capacities and is equipped with the latest technology.

Energy management

The dynamic energy management ensures real-time control of the charging stations so that all vehicles are always charged, even with a limited energy connection. Maximum charging with minimum investment!

E-Flux eMobility platform
The Mennekes charging solutions can be connected to the E-Flux eMobility platform. Because of the platform, support can be provided 24/7. The settlement of the charging sessions is arranged here as well. In addition, all kinds of configurations can be activated remotely, such as dynamic load balancing and smart charging. This prevents the necessity of an installer visit.


First-line help desk support is provided by E-Flux 24/7. The installer is the second line, who can get into contact with Easee for a hardware issue.

Compatible with E-Flux

  • AMTRON Professional+ T2
  • AMTRON Professional+ C2
  • AMEDIO Proffesional+ 2×22

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