Alfen charging stations

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Alfen is a Dutch manufacturer of various energy applications, including charge points for electric cars.

The chargers consist of a wall box that can both be mounted on a wall or a pole. The LED display shows information about the charging process. If you like, you can put your own logo on this screen. Choose from 1 or 2 sockets or a fixed cable. Suitable for home and semi-public locations.

Dynamic Load Balancing
Alfen has developed a Dynamic Load Balancing solution that communicates with a smart meter via the p1 port. The smart meter indicates the available capacity and the charging station dynamically change the power level.

Charging area
Alfen has a Smart Charging Network for area’s where the power is distributed among themselves. All chargers remain individually accessible and communicate via a router.

E-Flux eMobility platform
Alfen charging stations can be connected to the E-Flux eMobility platform. Support can be provided 24/7 from the platform. The settlement of the charging sessions with the employer is arranged here as well. In addition, all kinds of configurations can be activated remotely, such as dynamic load balancing and smart charging. This prevents a visit from the installer on location.


First-line help desk support is provided by E-Flux 24/7. The installer is the second line, who can get in contact with Alfen via a ticket system for e.g. a hardware issue.

Compatible with E-Flux

  • Alfen Eve Single S-line
  • Alfen Eve Single Pro-line
  • Alfen Eve Double Pro-line
  • Alfen Twin

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