ABB charging stations

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ABB is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic applications including charging stations for electric cars.

ABB's portfolio consists of DC chargers of 24 - 350kW and an AC Wallbox up to 22kW. This wallbox is available with a capacity of 3.7 kW to 22 kW. Both 1-phase and 3-phase can be connected by adjusting settings. The charge pointt can be mounted on the wall or a pole at homes or semi-public locations. Always 1 socket per charger.

The load capacity can be dynamically adjusted with an external energy meter.

Charging area
A charging area can be arranged with a Master and Slave arrangement. The master divides the available power between the charge points. A Master and Slave arrangement can bring cost benefits, because the slaves have a lower purchase price.

E-Flux eMobility platform
The ABB charging stations can be connected to the E-Flux eMobility platform. Support can be provided 24/7 from the platform. The settlement of the charging sessions is arranged here as well. In addition, all kinds of configurations can be activated remotely, such as dynamic load balancing and smart charging. This prevents a visit from the installer.


First-line help desk support is provided by E-Flux 24/7. The installer is the second line, who can get in contact with ABB for a hardware issue.

Compatible with E-Flux

  • Wallbox EVLunic Pro M and Pro S
  • DC-chargers

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