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E-Flux has the most affordable charging card for on the go. It will grant you access to more than 200,000 international charging points where you will always charge for the best possible price. The card is suitable for both private and business use.

Most affordable charge card in the Netherlands; With €2,44 excl. VAT per month or €0,24 excl. VAT per session.

Access to more than 200,000 charge points.

Compliant invoice for tax authorities.

Orange subscription is monthly terminable.

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Charging points accesible with the E-Flux charge card

Charging wherever you are

DC fast charging stations

With the E-flux charge card you’re are able to charge pretty much everywhere in the Netherlands. The E-Flux charge card is compatible with standard public chargers (AC) which literally can be found everywhere, but also with fast chargers (DC) which are primarily located along highways. The advantage of DC chargers is its charging time. With an AC charger it takes around 2 hours to charge it to 80%, with a DC-charger this only takes half an hour.

With our charge card you practically have access to all the public AC charging points. Therefore, we are proud to say that we have a 99% coverage in the Netherlands. This includes the DC fast chargers which are also widely available. On the map we displayed the DC chargers where our cardholders get a €0,02 discount per kWh.

E-Flux cardholders receive €0,02 per kWh discount on charging points powered by the E-Flux eMobility platform.

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