Earn money with your charging stations

Are you a restaurant- or hotel owner, managing an amusement park or another type of recreational establishment and do you want to earn money with the charging stations on your property? Then start managing your charging stations with our eMobility platform.

Manage the charging stations on your property or parking lot.
Let visitors and guests charge their EV and earn money.
Set your own prices for clients and guests.
Automatic payout and billing services.
24/7 helpdesk support by E-Flux.

Set your own prices for clients and guests

With the eMobility platform you’re able to set your own prices per charging station. Set a price with which you make money or set a low price to attract more customers.

Set your own tariff
Credit invoices

Automatic settlement

With the eMobility platform all charging sessions at charging stations that are connected to our platform will be automatically settled and reimbursed. This applies for guests that have been charging and for your employees.

I would like to purchase the eMobility platform

Do you want to purchase the eMobility platform? Then you first need to create an account.

account aanmaken

1. Create account

The owner of the the recreational institution creates an account for the organisation as a whole.

Create account

2. Connect charge points

When you are in the admin account, you can register the charging stations that you want to manage based on their serial numbers.

3. Customize platform

Set prices, connect bank accounts and order charge cards.

Our prices

When you make use of our eMobility platform to manage your charging stations, you pay based on the number of charge stations that you manage or more accurately the number of sockets that you manage. Here we differentiate between AC and DC charge points (standard charge points vs fast chargers). The rates between both types differ. There is no difference in price between separate brands.


Standard charge point

€4,00 excl. VAT p/m

Connection fee per charge point: €12,36 incl. VAT


Fast charger

€9,50 excl. VAT p/m

Connection fee per charge point: €20,62 incl. VAT

*Do you manage 4 AC charge points with a single socket, then your bill will be (4 x 4,00) = €16,00 excl. VAT p/m.

The subscription period is 24 months.

An independent platform

Charge point brands that can be integrated

Our platform is independent. Therefore, you are able to combine different charge point brands. Combine brand A with brand B, but also ‘standard’ charge points with fast chargers. In the image below you can see the brands that can be combined and managed in our platform. Manage the charging points that you have at the office, but also those employees have at home. The independency of the platform makes it possible that you have brand A charging points at the office, but employees have brand B and C at home. It still can all be managed with our eMobility platform.

What can the platform do?

The primary purpose of the platform is the automatic settlement of charging costs and of course subsequently the reimbursement of these costs. In addition you will also receive an invoice with the subscription costs and a ‘self-billing’ invoice with reimbursements for the visitors and guests that charged. Another feature of the platform is the ability to set your own prices for charging. The platform will also provide you with clear and easy to understand insights in charging sessions and behavior.