Settle charging costs with your employer

With our eMobility platform you can easily manage multiple charging stations with differing brands from a single online platform. Get an invitation from your employer and add your own charging station to the business account for automatic settlement and reimbursement.

Get insight into your own charging sessions and behaviour.
Automatic payout and billing services.

Choose your own brand charging station.


24/7 helpdesk support by E-Flux.

Settlement of private charging sessions

When your employer makes use of the eMobility platform and you’ve added your own charging station that you have home to the platform, all your charging sessions will be automatically settled and also reimbursed to your bank account.

My locations

Add your own private charge point

Add the charge point that you have at home to your employers’ account for automatic settlement. Since our platform is independent you have the ability to choose your own brand charging station.

I want to register my charge point

Do you want to register your charge point for automatic settlement and reimbursement with your employer as an employee? Then your employer needs to create an account first after which you can be invited to register your charge point.

1. Receive invitation

First you need to receive an invitation from your employer by e-mail.

2. Register charge points

With the link that you've received in the email you can register your charging station with the serial number.

3. Ready to go!

When you've registered your charging station and account you're ready to go!

An independent platform

Add your charge point to your employers’ account

Our platform is independent. Therefore, you are able to combine different charge point brands. Combine brand A with brand B, but also ‘standard’ charge points with fast chargers. In the image below you can see all the brands that can be combined and managed in our platform. In a practical sense this means that you can have brand B at home, your colleague has brand C and your employer has several charging points with brand A at the office. It still can be managed from one platform.

What can the platform do?

The primary purpose of the platform is the automatic settlement of charging costs between the employer and the employee and of course subsequently the reimbursement of these costs. For you as an employee this simply means that you can charge your EV without any transactional hassle.

What else can the platform do?

As an employee you’re also able to get insight into your own charging behavior and charging station. Do you at some point have any trouble with your charging station? You can always count on our 24/7 helpdesk support.

E-Flux charge card

Ask your employer to also order E-flux charge cards so that you can also easily charge EV on the go. With the E-Flux charge card you get  €0,02 discount per kWh when you charge at charging stations that are connected with the E-Flux eMobility platform.

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