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Make the jump towards electric driving and all the things that are involved with that like charging are not always easy and straight forward. Many factors can lead to questions and confusion. Luckily E-Flux is there to help you get started with your electric car. We help customers with finding the right charge solutions and the setup. Read one of our customers experiences with E-Flux in this case.

Customer drives a Nissan Leaf and uses an Alfen ICU Eve Mini charging station with the E-Flux eMobility platform. She chose for the employer’s subscription to reimburse her charge costs with her employer. The charging station has been installed by one of our partners, Laadpaaldirect.

Reason for choosing E-Flux

“I came into contact with E-Flux via Laadpaaldirect, the supplier of our charging station. He referred me to E-Flux. I wanted a charging station at home with an eMobility platform. At that moment I could choose between two companies. Because I feel more comfortable with a smaller company, I choose to go for E-Flux. I am still happy with my choice because of the quick response and the fact that E-Flux do what they promise.”

Experience with charging and eMobility platform

“During the installation of the charging station, there have been several things that have not gone completely well. The reason for this was a few incorrect settings. Laadpaaldirect and E-Flux did their best to solve the problems. E-Flux regulates the reimbursement of charging costs (employer subscription). In the beginning, I was worried about the bills because my charge sessions were not visible online. But I understand that you only receive the information from the charge sessions once a month and you don’t have an influence on this. Because the market evolves rapidly, more charge sessions are realtime visible. 

Areas of improvement

“I use the dashboard a lot, but still miss a couple of features like being able to see the kWh rates of charging stations. In general, I think it is a nice portal that is user-friendly. For the charge card, it would be nice if the coverage outside the Benelux is bigger so that I can charge with 1 charge card in different countries”.

Assessment E-Flux

“My experiences with E-Flux so far have been very positive and I am still happy with my choice. I am very satisfied with the speed of response. E-Flux is very fast, reliable, and solution-oriented. More companies should do that. When I talk about electric driving with my network, I always speak positively about E-Flux. If I had to give my experience with E-Flux an overall score, this would be an 8.”

We provide end-to-end support

Would you also like to start driving an electric car, and do you have any questions about this? We have answers to all your questions and can provide you with the right charging solutions. Contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or mail.

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