”The monthly reimbursement is clear and the costs of the charging are paid quickly. If you need service, E-Flux is always accessible”.

Schouw ICT offers automation solutions for companies in the food industry. The organization consists of 150 staff members and the company has a fleet of 120 cars. Schouw ICT is transitioning to electronic transportation. Right now, 20 EV’s are being leased through Hiltermann lease. Alongside our installation partners E-Flux has installed 9 charging points at employee residences. E-Flux takes care of the monthly settlement of the charging costs and offers support 24/7.

Why switch to an electric fleet

The reason we’ve made steps towards driving electric is the combination of favorable financial terms and the growth in the EV market. The launch of the Tesla Model 3 has given an especially big push because it adds to the sustainable business image of Schouw ICT.

Why E-Flux

We did internet research and compared different companies offering a charging solution. That was 1,5 years ago and at that time the market was still quite untransparent. Our decision for E-Flux was based on the costs and transparency.

Experiences with E-Flux

Good! The automatic handling and payment of the consumed kWh’s of charging points with corresponding E-Flux charge passes make sure that our employees can charge their car at the place and time most convenient to them. The monthly bill is easy to interpret, and the employees are very happy with the quick reimbursement flow. If you need help, there is always someone you can call.

How would you rate E-Flux:

  • Service: 8
  • Employee contact: 8
  • User friendliness: 6
  • Contact availability: 8

What tips/advice would you offer to other companies that are looking into installing charging points?

Let an independent party inform you before you make a final decision. Schouw ICT collaborated with ‘That’s Lease’ because of their extensive knowledge. They helped us pick out suitable EV’s to add to our fleet and E-Flux connected us with 4EV for the installation of our charge points.

Would you recommend E-Flux to your customers? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Yes, everything went exactly as planned and we are very satisfied with E-Flux. They are easy to get a hang of and they think along with you.

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