”The know-how and the personal touch. That’s what I like about E-Flux”

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When you make the decision to start driving electric, there are multiple things that you need know in advance. For example: how to charge at home, or at public locations and how you can have insights in the costs you make. One of our customers is happy to share his experience with you.

Customer drives a Tesla X and has installed an Alfen Eve Mini with connection to the E-Flux back office. The charging station was placed by one of our partners, Van Leeuwen Charging.


“I met E-Flux in a very special way. I searched for a suitable charging station for my EV on google, I came across 4 parties on various websites. The moment that I saw E-Flux was when I ordered a charging station on a website. This website came up with the question: Which back office do you want to use? Besides the same 4 parties that I already saw, E-Flux came up”.

”From that moment I started to look for information about E-Flux and I compared the possibilities. If I chose a charging station from another company, it would already have a SIM card. The great thing about E-Flux was that the platform function is separated from the charging station itself. In addition, the fee that E-Flux charges for offering the platform were very low.”

Why E-Flux?

“When I first called E-Flux, I immediately had personal contact with one of the owners. Because I didn’t ended up in a customer service menu I got a clear and straight forward answer on all my questions. This combined with the low subscription costs made my final decision to choose for E-Flux.

Experience with the charging station so far

 “Vanleeuwenoplaad has placed the charging station for me. After installation, I had to contact E-Flux a few times because my car would not charge.  This is not always useful, especially if you want to go out and your chare cable is stuck. But always when I called, they helped within 5 minutes.

Points of improvement

“The portal can be more organized, for example by showing a central overview as soon as you are logged in.” Since this review was published, a lot have been done by E-Flux. We have launched our new customer dashboard for charge card information in September 2019.

Assessment E-Flux 

“When I contacted E-Flux during an outage, the problem was most fully a setting, such as the last time that a software update was needed or that something was wrong in the settings. You just have to call E-Flux. In the same conversation, they helped me, and they ask me if I wanted to try it again, within a few seconds the problem was solved. I give the service a 9.”

Tip for other EV drivers

“Think carefully when choosing a charging station and the back office provider. A lot of charge stations have a certain lock in when it comes to back offices. Flexibility and freedom is key.”

We provide end-to-end support

Would you also like to start driving an electric car, and do you have any questions about this? We have answers to all your questions and can provide you with the right charging solutions. Contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or mail.

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