‘’I am satisfied with E-Flux, active support, and clear communication”.

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When you make the decision to start driving electric, there are multiple things that you need know in advance. For example: how to charge at home, or at public locations and how you can have insights in the costs you make. One of our customers is happy to share his experience with you.

Customer drives a Volvo XC40 and uses a Webasto Live charging station in a wallbox edition with the E-Flux eMobility platform. He has a Plus plan, whith automatic billing and payouts of the costs he makes for charging at home.

E-Flux and Webasto

”E-Flux has partnered with Webasto since September 2019. Webasto supplies the hardware and E-Flux the software. Webasto employees can therefore choose to use the E-Flux eMobility platform”.


Combine forces

“I work at Webasto and from my position as Director of Service & Network Management. At Webasto we believe in the value of long-term partnerships. In order to gain a large market share in a short time cooperation with specialists and combining our strenghts is very important.  Especially, in a new but quickly evolving market like the E-Mobility market. From my position, I would like to see Webasto establish such a partnership with E-Flux. “

Webasto charge point

“From a user point of view I think the backend of E-Flux in combination with the Webasto charger works pretty fine.” 

What could be better

“1. Instructions for the installer can be improved. Not everything was clear at first for both end user and installer. The installer had a little trouble with it during installation and configuration.”

“2. My personal preference is that the installer “adjusts” this for the end customer so that he can offer a turnkey solution to the customer “.

“3. Alternative to documentation; Include this as a tutorial in your video channel. This is more accessible and saves a lot of questions through the phone. “

Assesment E-Flux

“I am satisfied with E-Flux, hands-on support, and clear communication. The website and “My E-Flux” works fine and intuitive. General advice; keep working, profiling, and communicating with the customer. Make it as easy and transparent as possible. “

 E-Flux in numbers:
–      Service: 9
–      Communication with employees: 9
–      User-friendly operating system: 9

We provide end-to-end support

Would you like to switch to an electric car, and do you have any questions or uncertainties about this? We have answers to all your questions and can provide you with the right charging solutions. Contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or mail.

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