“Flexibility and commitment make E-Flux the perfect reliable partner.” – NXT Mobility

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Expantion of NXT Fuel Stations

”NXT Mobility has five NXT locations. This year (2020) it will be expanded with two to four locations. E-Flux provides the backend for the NXT locations and more than 1 million charge cards can start a session here”.

NXT: less harmful for the environment

‘’Due to the challenges we’re facing concerning the current climate and quality of air, there is a higher demand for less polluting emissions. There are good alternatives available for petrol and diesel, but availability is not optimal yet. With NXT Mobility, we want to increase the availability of less environmentally polluting emissions. We do this by offering (electricity, hydrogen, HVO, LNG, and CNG) on our NXT Energy Hubs, offering commercial chargers and a management system, and issuing a charge card (refueling and loading). ”

Charging stations at the office and for public use

“We have four AC-charging stations at our office and have been operating a fast charger in Alkmaar for a year. This year we are realizing a total amount of four fast-charging locations in Alkmaar, Beverwijk, Dronten, and Oostzaan. The engineering and infrastructure are completed by our subsidiaries HB Adviesbureau and GP Groot Infra”.

The biggest challenge

“The biggest challenges during this process is choosing the right suppliers for AC chargers, DC chargers, and choosing the right (preferably future-proof) grid connection.”

Why E-Flux?

‘’NXT Mobility found E-Flux via the internet and got into a conversation with Vincent and Gina. We enjoy working together with E-Flux. E-Flux thinks along with us, is progressive, and is a reliable partner. The charge point portal and charge card portal are both very pleasant to work with.”

E-Flux eMobility platform works great and is user-friendly

“We are satisfied with the experience we had with the installation of charging stations. That is the reason why we want to increase the number of (fast) charging stations. The platform has been pleasant and user-friendly”.

E-Flux in numbers:
–      Service: 10
–      Communication with employees: 8
–      User-friendly operating system: 8
–      Reachability: 10

Recommend E-Flux?

“Yes, we are happy to recommend E-Flux”

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