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Alfen – An international player in the area of charging points

Alfen is an international enterprise with its main headquarters situated in the Netherlands. Ever since Alfen was established in 1937 we specialize in innovative, smart products and projects within the world of electricity and energy. In our starting years, Alfen main focus was on the production of switchgear. As of today, the product range has expanded to include transformer stations, energy storage systems, charging points for EV’s and a great range of other products. We play a central part in the energy transition and through the years Alfen has grown to become an important pivot in the energy industry. From 2008 onwards, Alfen was one of the first companies to start with the development of charging points.

What charging point options does Alfen have to offer?

As of now, Alfen offers a complete range of smart charge points that are ideal for residents, office buildings and public spaces! These charge points are available with a great range of charging capacities and smart options. They’re produced using only grade A European components in Alfen’s private production facility. All Alfen charge points are tested and approved by prominent car manufacturers and independent authorities.

Our charge points are unique in the sense that there is no SIM-lock present on any make or model. Furthermore, we ensure that they are being equipped with the latest developments in the area of smart charging, connectivity and data security. Alfen’s main focus is the development and production of state-of-the-art charge points and smart software.

Besides the hardware, Alfen provides a range of services surrounding the electrical charging points. When the smart Alfen charging stations are combined with an eMobility platform, they are able to settle the bills surrounding electricity consumption and also become eligible for remote support. It also helps that we have an extensive service- and maintenance organization that is active in the bigger part of Europe.

In what countries do you operate and how do you present your charging points? (directly, through distributors, installers)?

Alfen has been registered on the stock exchange since 2018 and from that point on business has been growing steadily in Europe.  This has resulted in the installation of our 100.000th charge point in March 2020, with which we have proven to be ahead of the industry! Mid 2020, Alfen employed 560FTE and at that moment we were present in thirteen countries among which are the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. Alfen keeps growing steadily, so for sales and installation, we collaborate with a wide range of partners and resellers.

How did Alfen get in touch with E-Flux and why did you decide to collaborate with E-Flux?
We were approached by Vincent, E-Flux’s CEO. Because there are no SIM-locks on our charge points, Alfen is easily integrated with a wide range of back-office providers.

How would you rate E-Flux?

Service: 9

E-Flux offers excellent service towards the end user and the installer. Besides the first line support to the end user, E-Flux also offers the possibility to assist the installer with the configuration of the charge point. Imagine setting up a Smart Charging Network or configuring Active Load Balancing with the smart meter.

Employee contact: 9

System difficulty: 9

Accessibility employees: 9

E-Flux employee contact is excellent. Employees are easy to get a hold of (no waiting in line!). To top it all off; E-Flux employees are really knowledgeable on the charging points which helps them answer questions right away!

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