”E-Flux is a flexible, agile organization that is able to act quickly.”. – ABB

‘Can you tell us a little more about ABB?’

Daphne: ‘’ABB is a driving force behind the energy transition. We offer products and solutions for industrial automation, energy distribution, transport and infrastructure. The company is active in more than 100 countries and boasts over 110.000 employees. As a company ABB has been present on the global EV-charging market for over ten years. Besides this we are front runners when it comes to smart charging and we’re closely involved in the development of smart energy grids and smart cities. ‘’

‘What kinds of chargers are available for customers?

Daphne: ‘’ABB supplies a complete range in chargers: AC- and DC-chargers for at home use and office environments, DC-fast chargers near highways and complete fast charging loading docks for public transportation companies, distribution centers and transportation companies. We mutually connect multiple charging systems and make connections with management and monitoring systems which enables smart charging. The ABB charging systems are currently installed in over 80 different countries. Distribution is done through selected channel partners. Picture distributors, wholesale resellers, installers, service providers and system integrators.’’

‘How did ABB get in touch with E-Flux?’

Daphne: ‘’When ABB was looking for an independent back-office provider we were put into contact with E-Flux through a mutual customer. The experience with the rapidly growing E-Flux is incredibly positive! E-Fluxers are flexible when looking for solutions and tend to be very open to new, joined projects. A close-knit cooperation has been developed and E-Flux regularly advises ABB charging solutions to their customers. On top of this E-Flux is planning on using ABB’s amazing solutions to offer top of the line AC and DC charging infrastructures!

While ABB is independent, we will advise E-Flux as a first choice to contractors who are able to decide upon their own eMobility platform. This has multiple reasons:

E-Flux is a flexible, agile organization that is able to act quickly. They provide the end-user with a lot of attention and provide optimal support with both software- and hardware challenges. Besides this the E-Flux subscriptions are cheaper to the end-user than those of other providers in the market while they still continuously work on improving their platform. This ensures customer service that is only getting better along the way!’’

ABB assessment of E-Flux

–      Service: 8
–      Employee contact: 9
–      Technical knowledge: 8
–      Accessibility: 8

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