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EV charging solutions for businesses

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Solutions for businesses

With our eMobility platform you are able to manage all the charging needs of your company from one platform while having the freedom to choose your own brand charge station. Charging on the go? Discover the E-Flux charge card.

EV charging for businesses

Manage all charge points at the office and those at home

Manage everything from one platform.
Choose your own brand charge station.
Set different rates for visitors and employees.
Automatic payout and billing services.
Let employees register their charge points they have at home.

Business charge card

Discover the benefits of our business charge card

Charge at more than 200,000 locations in Europe.
Comprehensive billing specification.
€2,44 excl. VAT per month or €0,24 excl. VAT per session.
Order before 4:00 pm for next day delivery.
Monthly terminable.


Businesses already use E-Flux

Benefit from all our features & flexibility:

Our platform gives your business the opportunity to simplify all the complexity that occurs when dealing with an electric fleet. We offer a flexible platform with integrated services that operates hardware agnostic. Over 20 different brands of charge stations are integrated. Already have chargers installed? No problem. We can easily migrate them so you can manage them in one dashboard, and see all related charge data and invoices.

  • Free to set pricing (kWh/hour/start) for visitors and employees
  • Automatic payout and billing services
  • Analytics view with charge behavior, CO2 reduction
  • Proactive support with 24/7 helpdesk
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Hardware independent

We operate hardware agnostic. Our eMobility platform has integrations with over 20 different charge station brands. We partner with manufacturers and installation companies, so we can offer businesses of every size a complete charging solution.

Feel free to combine charging stations of different brands on different locations. This gives you flexibility to easily add new type of chargers in the future without migrating to a new platform. Manage everything in one dashboard.

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”The monthly reimbursement is clear and the costs of the charging are paid quickly. If you need service, E-Flux is always accessible”. – Schouw ICT

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