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We are looking for the type of people with the same drive as we have. Within E-Flux, you have, and you own the opportunity. When it comes to decision making, we are the opposite of corporate; we work together as a team. This keeps our company culture the way we value it to be.

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Make EV Charging accessible to everyone

Our mission is ambitious. We strive to get as many cars to charge on our network as possible. To achieve this, we initiate partnerships with installation companies and manufacturers, and offer our customers the best service. Feel Free to charge everywhere, for everyone.

E-Flux builds technology for EV Charging applications. We provide an open SaaS platform – with integrated end-to-end services – suitable for businesses of every size. E-Flux is customer focussed; this allows us to provide our customers with an end-to-end solution.

E-Flux is a partnership driven company; we listen to what the market needs, and proceed to adapt and grow along with the market. We’re quick to pivot when necessary, and solve problems as they arise.


Our culture

At E-Flux, we have a work-hard play-hard mindset. We like fun, which turns us into friends as well as colleagues. Daily lunches together, awesome themed parties, and legendary team-building activities are ways we set the “play-hard” against the “work-hard”.

We treat each other with integrity and respect, and we stand up for one another. At E-Flux, we want everyone to be able to Feel Free to be themselves, and we value honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness. We work hard to build and maintain an environment where everyone feels safe. Everyone is equal, and should be treated like that. We’re an international company, with a diverse set of colleagues and customers. We maintain these values with everyone involved; our customers, and partners as well.

““I really like the growth-opportunities we are given.””

Kim Gravemaker - Marketing
kim careers

Our values

Feel Free

Feel free to speak your mind and be yourself. In our company we use transparent communication, and we always treat each other with respect.

Act like an owner

We take 100% responsibility for reaching our goal to make EV Charging accessible to everyone. We take initiative to find solutions for problems, and seek to improve all aspects of our company

Mission first

Our mission is not only ambitious, but also important. We don’t engage in social or political activism that is unrelated to our mission while at work. Our workplace needs to feel safe from judgment, and full of respect and acceptance.

Unlimited growth

E-Flux has an overall “getting things done” mentality. We want to challenge our people to show growth, both personally and professionally. If you show us you can do it; we give you the chance to do it.

Your benefits

Unlimited vacation

Recharge yourself and bring your A-Game. E-Flux has an unlimited holiday policy to establish more freedom and flexibility for employees, and create more drive towards our common goal. You also need to recharge.

Pension Scheme

People are our greatest asset. We want to take care of you now and in the future. That is why E-Flux will contribute 8% on top of your gross salary. Feel free to choose your own pension plan.

Personal Development Plan

Because we find it important that you can keep on growing. E-Flux can provide you with courses and workshops that are related to your profession

Doggy day-care

Bring your dog to work! Did you know that pets promote positive social interactions and reduce stress? That is why we offer a pet-friendly work space.